Intro to Core Restore- Who is this for?

This Program is for anyone who

  • wants a more toned and defined stomach
  • has a mom pooch or mom belly
  • who still looks pregnant
  • who pees themself when jumping, exercising etc.
  • wants to firm up their pelvic floor muscles
  • wants more enjoyable times of intimacy

If you have a separation of your abdominal (stomach) muscles from pregnancy or other factors, it's best to heal that ab separation before doing any and every ab exercise!

Pelvic Floor health is also important and can be improved with simple exercises!

Even if you don't have an ab separation, your core & pelvic floor will benefit from these exercises!

*Disclaimer- I am not a medical doctor or physical therapist. I do not give medical advice but share my own story and experience. Please consult a health professional for specific questions.

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