We get it! You're NOT looking for Dance & Fitness Classes that:

  • Require a Second Job
  • Make Parents Cringe From Sexualized Moves, Music & Costumes
  • Require a Large Time Commitment
  • Create Body Issues & Body Shaming
  • Have the Pressure of Perfection
  • Have Catty Dance Moms
  • Require You To Wake Napping Siblings to get to Dance Class
  • Make You Miss Family Meals Because Dance is in the Evenings
  • Require You to Delay Family Summer Vacations for the Dance Recital
  • Require You to Spend Hundreds of Dollars on Recital Tickets & Costumes
  • Expect You to Commit to 11 Months of Dance Tuition
  • Pressure Your Child to Live at the Dance Studio
  • Pressure You to Join More Classes & a Competition Team

No Need to Worry! At Joyful Heart Dance Our Classes are:

  • Affordable- One Time Cost for the Whole Family
  • Convenient- On Your Timeframe
  • Family Friendly
  • Child Appropriate Moves & Music- Based on Child Development
  • Proper French Terminology Made Fun
  • Creative & Engaging Classes
  • Dad Approved
  • Wherever You Want- No Driving Necessary
  • Great For Shy Kids Who Want to Dance
  • Great For Faith- Based Families
  • Great for Big Families! We don't charge per student.

What We Offer:

Online Dance Program for All Ages With Over 10 Different Dance Styles

Music & Movement Action Songs Video Playlist for Busy Families

Fitness Dance, Core Restore & Beginning Ballroom-

  • The Fitness Dance Instruction is Perfect for Mom, Teens & Tweens.
  • Core Restore- Close Your Ab Separation, Lose the Mom Pooch, Diastasis Recti with these simple exercises!
  • Strengthen your Pelvic Floor
  • Ballroom is Great for Date Night!

Mentoring & Coaching for:

  • Dance Students to assist with Technique or Audition Choreography
  • Aspiring Dance Teachers

Coming Soon:

  • Dance Teacher Certification Program

  • Music & Movement Training Program for Preschool and Early Childhood Educators

Ab Transformation!

Lose the Mom Pooch!

Heal Diastasis Recti! Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor!

In our Core Restore Program, I share the Exercises I did to Transform my Abs!

You can do this too! These pictures were a few months apart and No I was NOT pregnant in the before picture!

I had my first baby over 14 years ago and worked this program recently!!

Simple and Easy Exercises that only take a few minutes a day!

Whether you had your babies a few months ago or a few decades ago, the abdominal muscles can be strengthened!

Learn how to check for a Diastasis Recti or Ab Separation.

Should you consult a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist?

Are there other options besides Tummy Tuck Surgery??

Share with a friend!!

Hi, I’m Amanda Kelley

Amanda has taught dance, tumbling, fitness, cheer, and music & movement to hundreds of students in various settings!

Joyful Heart Dance began in her living room in 2011 and grew to over 100 students!

Amanda started formal dance training at age 5 and continued through college.

Amanda holds a degree from Arizona State in Child Development. She brings fun & creativity to her classes.

Amanda believes Dance Instruction should be family friendly and child appropriate think anti-cuties- that Netflix documentary.

No body shaming here!

Check us out! I think our approach will be a breath of fresh air!

I know you are busy! Let me help you easily check the box for Dance Classes for the whole family! #Done!

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